Self-Awareness Matters

Self-Awareness Matters

Self-awareness refers to knowing yourself, that you understand your behaviors, what you like and what you do not like, what your needs are, and how you view the world around you.

You know what you want out of life and understand your emotions and how you respond to others.

Deepak Chopra said, "Self-awareness is all about restoring your freedom to choose what you want instead of what your past imposes on you."

So how do you develop self-awareness?

Here are a few tips:

⭐️Journal. It is an enlightening tool when it comes to learning about yourself.

Take a few minutes each day to journal about your day. Be sure to write about not only the wins but the challenges as well.

⭐️Meditate. It provides you an opportunity to clear your mind and observe your thoughts without judgment. Clear your thoughts and pay attention to the thoughts and ideas that enter your mind.

⭐️List your goals, values, and priorities.

What type of life do you wish to live?

What is important to you?

What do you want to accomplish?

What would your "perfect life" look like?

⭐️Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness allows you to be present with yourself in a nonjudgment way to acknowledge your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Seek a deeper level of self-awareness.

Know who you are.

Love who you are.

Choose what you want, not what your past imposes on you.



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