Putting People First:Cultivating a Culture in Which Everyone Feels Valued, Respected, and Empowered

People are the heart of every organization.  I'm sure you've heard: "Take care of your people and they will take care of you."  The fact is the people you lead matter.  When people in your organization are happy, inspired, and want to make a difference, that is good for business.  Essentially, the culture of an organization is its personality, character, and sense of identity.  Organizational culture is system of shared beliefs, values, and assumptions that influence the behaviors and attitudes of the people working there.  Culture drives how an organization reacts to challenge or crises, highs, and lows, adversity, and advantages.  How do you create a culture based on putting people first?

First, leaders must make people a priority by shifting their focus from profits to people.  By putting people first, an environment is created that is built on trust, flexibility, and empowerment.  Give them autonomy, encouragement, transparency, let them set goals, find meaning and purpose in their work, and most of all let them know they are valued. How can you demonstrate value?

  1. Lead Intentionally.

  2. Be Approachable.

  3. Be Proactive.

  4. Seek their input.

  5. Challenge them.

  6. Recognize them as individuals.

  7. Trust & Respect them.

  8. Be Flexible.

  9. Practice Transparency.

  10. Listen to them.

When employees feel valued they are more likely to buy into your vision and their commitment, creativity, performance, and satisfaction are all positively impacted. Happy, satisfied people equals thriving business.

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