Living an Authentic Life

Have you ever felt you weren't acting like your true self?

Maybe you were unsure of a situation or were lacking the confidence to reveal you truly were.

For whatever reason, you chose not to reveal your real self.

Concealing our true, authentic self simply plunges us into an unhealthy emotional cycle.

We feel unsure and uncertain of who we are, and this makes us act even less authentic in the future.

We may even begin to wonder, "Who am I?"

Rather than spending time hiding from the world, you'll flourish by revealing your true self to others. Becoming more authentic in your interactions is possible.

Commit to increasing your authenticity in these ways:

1. Closely monitor your feelings.

You will be less likely to behave in ways that contrast with your feelings when you understand and know your own emotions.

⭐️Mindfulness will significantly help you in your journey to be more authentic.

⭐️Stay in the moment and be present where you are.

2. Give yourself time.

When you are not sure how to respond in a situation, it's okay not to react at all. Allow yourself time to consider the situation.

⭐️If you feel pressured to respond, be honest, and say, "I'm not sure how to respond to that. This response "can be your best approach until you feel more confident in your reaction.

3. Acknowledge when you are inauthentic.

Realizing that you've been less than honest in a given situation, it's all right to say, "Just a second. I changed my mind."

⭐️Remember that you have permission to alter your response to anyone and any situation at any time. Then, choose a route that aligns with how you honestly feel.

4. Identify the type of situations that prompt you to be inauthentic.

⭐️Being dishonest or insincere each time you're around your supervisor, for example, will reveal where your insecurities lie.

Self-reflection will help you determine why you are behaving this way around a specific person or in a particular situation.

5. Being authentic with others will increase your level of confidence.

⭐️Being open and honest shows that you like and accept yourself, and you're self-assured. Resist being afraid to show others who you are. Self-confidence goes a long way!

6. Acknowledge that others genuinely appreciate when you are authentic in behavior and comments.

⭐️Remember how you feel when you're with someone who's consistently open with you. When you trust someone, it feels comfortable and easy to interact with them.

⭐️Keep this information in mind, and you may find it a little easier to be authentic.

7. Show compassion, kindness, and caring toward others. I'm sure you're wondering, "What's the connection between being caring, kind, and compassionate and authenticity?"

⭐️When you go out of your way to be kind, caring, and compassionate to others, being authentic with them will be a natural response.

⭐️Once you realize that you hold their feelings in your hands, you'll know it's necessary to be gentle and honest with others.

When you make an effort into relating to others truthfully and carefully, you'll gradually find that you accept and like yourself more.

When you are authentic to others, it sets a beautiful example for those around you.

The more authentic you are, the more abundant the life you'll live.

Live Authentically!



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