How to protect yourself from the negativity beast.

1. Don’t feed into the negative.

Stop worrying about it. The negative energy that is put into worry only charges that which is negative allowing it to grow exponentially. Acknowledge your concerns and let it go deflating the negative energy. 2. Focus on the positive. Of course, everyone says to focus on the positive and it sounds simple enough but, focusing takes practice and work. Instead of looking for the negative look for the funny, light-hearted, and positive in life. Focusing is controlling your mind to stop the negative from seeping in. If you don’t control your mind the negative energy will control it for you. The practice is important. 3. Media Selection The media can have huge effects on your energy, your mind, and your life. Controlling how much FaceBook, Twitter, the evening news, and electronic activity can help fend off negative energy. It’s okay to stay connected but it is not ok to allow negative statements, bullying, and electronic threats to live in your energy. Be selective. 4. Declutter Decluttering is not only for the physical things (it’s a great place to start) declutter your energy and mind as well. Let the negative ball and chains go. Or is it so important to be the right one? 5. Be the light Shine positive energy, share it with everyone, and help them to shine positive energy as well. When you touch someone with positive energy and touch someone it will only create boundaries and fences that keep the negativity beast out. Sometimes it is hard to be positive. The adage is correct about “Misery loves company”. The negative beast can be gossip, grumbling about your job, trying to find justice against someone who has hurt you, or just complaining. All of these can be easy to join in and be the company. Remember to practice the positive. Just don’t feed the negative.



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