How to Let Go of The Past

We hear all the time about why you should let go of the past.

I've struggled with letting go of the past.

I've struggled with moving forward, getting rid of guilt and shame, forgiving myself for mistakes I've made, I've worried about the future.

I could go on and on.

I am entirely aware of how important it is to let go and how essential it is to move on.

However, it's more important to know what steps to take to let go. Most people will eventually understand why they should let go of the past. Unfortunately, many get stuck on actually taking steps to make it happen.

Here is what worked for me.

Permit yourself to let go of the past.

This is a crucial step. Your mind can grasp onto something and is waiting for you to release the responsibility. By committing to this release, your mind can shift and focus on other productive areas. That release comes when you tell yourself to let go.

Learn from your past experiences.

Your past contains many nuggets of learning. Anything you have tried or tried before is part of your past. However, it is your responsibility to recognize what those lessons are and how to use them effectively. To use them is to determine why they happened and how to avoid them in the future.

Practice Meditation.

You will have an easier time letting go of your past when you are relaxed and focused. Meditation is one of the best forms of relaxation. It may take several sessions to get your body and mind in tune with the techniques. You can't rush this, so don't expect quick solutions with this. It is essential is to keep doing it until you feel the effects.

Don't hide from your past; Acknowledge it.

Often, people try to pretend certain aspects of their past did not happen, especially the things that embarrassed them or failed. However, not acknowledging these aspects of your past may cause them to come roaring back to you since they are bottling up within you. Acknowledge everything about your past but commit to pushing forward.

Journal about your experiences; good and bad.

Be as detailed as possible so you can refer to the journal when faced with similar situations in the future. Use the journal as a guideline.

Don't expect all changes to occur immediately.

Your past habits may be challenging to break. Therefore, don't try to change everything at one time. Be patient and give yourself time. It took a long time for you to develop those bad habits.

Forgive Yourself for the mistakes you Made.

Stop being so hard on yourself for your past.

It's good to acknowledge that you made mistakes but don't get overly critical or dwell on them. Focus on the good aspects of your past. Sometimes, you may focus on your mistakes and mask the fact that you had some beautiful experiences in the past as well. These are equally important.

Let go of the past, you can't change it, but you can learn from it.



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