How do you know?

Most of my life this is the question that I have asked, "How do you know?". There are many questions that I have asked about how do you know; for instance how do you know how to do something or how do you know about when you fall in love. But this is the one question that haunts me and it is "How do I know that I am enough? My lack of self confidence that was created by adults when I was young and later in my life by others that often criticized me. I always wanted to be someone's best friend, I would bend over backwards to bring small gifts or to stand by their side as a friend does during times of hardship and life events. My desire was to be a needed and wanted for who I am. But I never knew when I was enough; never feeling like I was the best I could be. The truth is I was always enough. What I now understand is that my truth should I was always enough in everything about me. Am I a great writer, scientist or winner of awards. No, but what I do know is my creator and your creator has designed each individual to be enough. Never doubt your disabilities your imperfections because you are enough!


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