Five Benefits of Daily Optimism

There is increasing evidence that there are measurable benefits from being optimistic about life, not just for mental health but also for physical well-being. Studies have shown that the happier you become, your life will improve in many ways. You're even more likely to have a longer life, just from being more positive and hopeful.

The benefits of being optimistic are:

Optimists are healthier

Not only do optimists rate their own health and well-being as better, but research has shown that optimists have better mental and physical health than pessimists. Further, optimism was the most significant predictor of heart health improvement. Optimists also experience lower blood pressure and cholesterol and have a lower risk of developing heart disease.

Optimists have a longer life expectancy.

Research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh found that of the 100,000 women studied over eight years, pessimists were more likely to die from any cause than women who were optimistic outlook. That research was confirmed by a Harvard study that showed the women with a positive outlook had a much lower risk, nearly 30% less, of dying from serious illnesses.

Optimists are happier

It might not be a surprise that an optimist is happier than a pessimist. But, it has been shown that optimists are not just sunnier in their dispositions; They are significantly happier in their relationships, jobs, and overall life in general. Optimists handle stress better, are more resilient, and produce less cortisol. This stress hormone leads to a weakened immune system and inflammation.

Optimists have smoother career paths.

Duke University researchers discovered that the optimistic MBA graduates were more likely to find a job, earn a higher starting salary, and be promoted more frequently than the pessimists in the group they studied. Also, optimists deal better with negative feedback, seeing it as an opportunity to improve and increase their chance of promotion in the future.

Optimists roll with the punches.

Life's challenges do not defeat an optimist; they remain hopeful about the future. Optimism helps you deal with the limiting beliefs you have and shows you a way out. When you are optimistic, you are positive about life's possibilities you focus on what you can do. It boosts your confidence, and you are more likely to look for solutions rather than being distressed. It stops you from feeling stuck or at the mercy of other people.

If you're optimistic, you believe in yourself and know you can do anything!



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