Do you Really know Yourself?

Although our experiences helped shape who we are, this does not mean we know who we really are, what we want, or what we are passionate about.

Early in our lives, we developed a set of beliefs and values, some good, some bad, that were influenced by our environment and the people we surrounded ourselves with.

When I was younger, I let others define who I was and what I wanted. I worked hard in school, got good grades but felt like I could never reach the level of an older sibling, this greatly affected my self-esteem. I often felt like I would never measure up.

As I matured, I mistakenly thought the more I accomplished, the more satisfying my life would be. I spent most of my life working toward not what I really wanted, but what others expected me to do. I worked toward goals that I thought were important but were not. I was unhappy and unfulfilled.

I decided to make changes in my life. I wanted to get to know who I really was, what I wanted, what made me happy. I wanted to discover MY identity.

I asked myself:

Who am I?

What matters to me?

What do I want my life to be?

What makes me happy and brings joy to my life?

That was nearly twenty years ago. I made drastic changes in my life. I defined what I wanted my life to be, not what others expected it to be. I discovered what brings joy and happiness to my life; helping others. Throughout my journey, I found things that helped me get to know myself.

• Be honest with yourself. • Do not base your self-worth on your accomplishments. • Find what brings YOU joy and happiness in your life. • Let go of expectations. • Have a vision and mission.

Do not be afraid to question who you are!



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