When you become of a certain age, which encompasses probably 20 years. A person does not expect to feel like their compass has lost its direction. There are days that a person feels like they have lost their direction but, they take a deep breath and take the next step. Why would a person who has crossed the midway mark feel like they have no direction?

Sometimes it can happen from a chain of events like a divorce, a loss of a parent or parents, the loss of a career, but most often it can be from burnout. While all of the other reasons can have major adverse reactions from people; burnout can leave an individual totally lost without a life jacket, paddleboat, or even just a rope.

What is the cause of burnout? The feeling of the loss of control in one's life. An individual may lack joy in their life. No purpose, no passion, now reason to make the normal daily grind. Unhappiness with a job, self-esteem, self-acceptance, issues with finances, and issues within relationships.

What does burnout look like on an individual? Some would say depression but, burnout looks like more of a struggle. The struggle to keep making the daily grind because it is expected of them and others are counting on them. Responsibilities! Caring about what loved ones might say keeps a person making each step that feels as if it has no substance to it. Frustrated, anxious, lost are other looks of a person who's compass is not working and they feel they are floating aimlessly.

What can be done to help find that direction? An individual must identify the frustration, anxiety, and sometimes where the anger comes from. Once the reasons for the burnout are identified then an individual has to work towards finding the direction to hold the compass. Where they were going before they became burned out may be different from their original course. Now, it is important for the individual to step away from comfort zones and try different routes to work, market, or social gatherings. Daily routines that include mild to moderate exercise, journaling, events like dinner with friends and family. Take on learning new things, do things that they dreamed of doing when they were a child, and find passion in something. Find a coach or others to communicate with to understand why the individual is feeling burned out.

There is a beautiful sunset out there for each of us. We have the option to continue to build our lives just as we did before becoming of a certain age and before the feeling of burnout. Every day it is a process of building and creating our lives the fact is it is our life and we should live it to the best that we can. Sometimes changing direction is not being lost but finding your way and enjoying the scenery.

Leslie J


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