Being Present

Being present is an essential part of living your best life.

When you are focused on your environment and your current task, you are present.

What exactly does that mean?

Simply, being present means, you are not thinking about anything other than what is right in front of you.

Being present in the moment is quite beneficial:

It is relaxing and calms your mind.

You get to live your life, rather than thinking about what has happened in the past. Also, And you're far more productive.

So what how can you become more present?

💥Pay attention to what is going on in your environment or surroundings.

When you are actively engaged in doing something productive, take a moment to look at what's going on around you.

See everything around you.

Maybe you are taking a walk. Look around at the cars driving by, the leaves blowing in the wind, the people walking by, the dogs barking, the birds chirping, the clouds floating in the sky, and more.

💥Listen to everything.

What can you hear?

How many different sounds can you pick out?

💥What can you feel?

Is the wind moving across your arm?

A sore foot?

The ground beneath your feet?

Your cold hands?

💥What can you smell?




If you're not doing something, then you should be focused on your surroundings.

Because, at that moment, that's your life.

⭐️Focus on your current task.

If you're mowing the lawn, focus on mowing the lawn.

If you're writing an essay, focus on writing the essay.

Your mind should stay on whatever task you are doing.

Being present takes practice.

When you catch yourself thinking about something else, let it go and return to the task.

💥When you are focused on your task, you will accomplish more and be more productive.

You'll also remove stress and worry less.

When you are only thinking of what is in front of you, how can you be stressed?

Remember, to live the life you want; there is no room for stress.

💥Finding it challenging to focus on your work environment?

Try focusing on your breathing.

Your breath is like a constant in the universe; it's always with you. It also helps to get your brain and body in sync. Focus on your breathing, and don't let your mind wander. When it does wander, gently bring it back to your breath.

After 10-15 minutes, you should be ready to transition to focusing on something else.

💥Practice all the time. Make a game out of it.

See if you can wash the dishes without thinking one stray thought; even thinking about how glad you'll be when it's finished, would be a stray thought. Do this with everything that you do, all day long.

💥At night, focus on your breathing.

Lying in bed is an excellent opportunity for most people to get themselves all worked up. We think about how horrible work was or about how we have so much to do tomorrow. None of this has ever helped anyone. Focus on your breathing until you fall asleep.

Make an effort to be more present.

You'll be amazed at how much better you feel and how much more you can get done. It's not easy at first. Think of it as an exercise for your brain. With practice, you'll get a little better each day.

Keep at it; the rewards are worth it!



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