Authenticity: Stop Hiding Behind a Mask

When we choose to be someone other than our authentic self, we are essentially putting parts of ourselves on hold.

Your authentic self goes beyond what you do for a living, the possessions you have, or who you are to someone.

Being authentic is much deeper than that. Our authenticity is what makes us unique.

Being authentic means that you express your whole self genuinely rather than only showing one side of yourself.

It is who you are at your deepest core, being true to yourself through thoughts, words, and actions. In other words, what you say in life aligns with your actions.

Before you can show your authentic self you first must know who your true self actually is. To do so you must have self-awareness, mindfulness, and self-acceptance.

• Deeply understand your values.

• Accept who you are, completely.

• Discard the false persona.

• Stop seeking validation from others.

• Let go of guilt and self-limiting thoughts.

• Follow your passion.

• Accept and get comfortable with change.

Discovering your authentic self is a journey.

Stop hiding behind a mask.

Become who you were meant to be and live with passion and purpose.



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