Are You Woke? Spiritual Awaking

Do you find that you are asking yourself questions about why you are decluttering but, actually you feel the need to have less stuff? Do you have a desire for a new job or career? Maybe your sleep pattern has changed and you not sleeping as much as you were, or you going to sleep but waking up earlier than normal to find that you can't stop thinking about how to complete a special project you have chosen to complete.

Have you considered that you are going through a spiritual awaking? This is a movement from a fear-based belief to a loved-based belief. This spiritual awaking is often chaotic and somewhat confusing. Sometimes an awaking can come from an event that has stopped you for a moment to reconsider your life. Perhaps you are sensitive to vibrations that are happening in our world and universe for you to experience a spiritual awaking. 

Here are 11 signs that can identify a spiritual awaking. 

  1. You find that your belief system may have changed from what it was 5 to 10 years prior.  This doesn’t mean you dump your belief system; however, it could change completely. But a person will question why, when, and how about their belief system. 

  2. Less concern for material possessions. Often going through the process of eliminating possessions and rethinking what necessities are needed.

  3. Sudden desire for change in career or job. 

  4. Drawn to personal development and inspired to find the better self. 

  5. To find a connection with the divine energy or creator by being in nature.

  6. Unexplainable change in sleep pattern. Finding hard to go to sleep, or waking up early to work on projects. You feel the need to complete projects and being productive.

  7. Find more self-talk and talking to your creator.

  8. Synchronicity – Experience synchronicity is finding you are reviewing your life like a movie and being about to address and recognize the events that made you and your life. 

  9. Feeling one being connected to others and the universe.

  10. Working to eat healthier and taking better care of the body.

  11. Sometimes feeling sadness or deep emotional sense of not being able to help others before a major situation. 

You may not find that you experience all of these signs, but if you find you experience more than less of the signs then you are in a spiritual awaking. While in a spiritual awaking take care of yourself, taking the time to breathe, rest, and eat properly.

Review the list and determine where you are if you are in a spiritual awaking, and embrace it with joy.  Reach out to others that can help you, find classes, and ask questions. While this may feel like a crazy time understand this awaking is going to allow you to review your life and find what your purpose is in life. 

Stay WOKE, find, and embrace that best you!

Leslie 💕


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