Are You A People Pleaser?

Are you a people pleaser?

Are you a sucker for saying yes?

I was.

Sometimes I even found myself thinking “no, no, no, no” and then I would blurt out “yes.”

Why is saying the word “no” so hard? It’s just a word, right?

It wasn’t until I realized the reason I was so afraid to say no; the fear of rejection.

If you are struggling to say no here are some tips:

💜Keep your response simple.

💜If you want to say no, be firm and direct. ...

💜Buy yourself some time. ...

💜Consider a compromise. ...

💜Separate refusal from rejection. ...

💜Don't feel guilty for saying no...

💜Be true to yourself.

Saying no is essential to self-care and setting healthy boundaries.

Let go of the fear of rejection and put yourself first.

It’s okay to say no.

Love yourself, value yourself.



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