5 Ways to Start Using Affirmations in Your Life

Affirmations are a high-powered way to help you accomplish your goals. They can build optimism and turn around a negative mindset. For affirmations to work effectively, you must repeat them until they become ingrained as part of your self-talk.

Speaking your affirmations to yourself in front of the mirror can become mundane. Find more creative ways to build your affirmations into your daily routine. Boost your motivation by inserting a little piece of your affirmations into every part of your day.

Write Down Your Affirmations:

Writing down your affirmations makes them more real and reachable. Research has shown that the act of writing enables your brain to remember better. Start a journal; write post-it notes and leave them where they're easy to see, on your fridge, bathroom mirror, and laptop. Set alarms on your phone or tablet with each affirmation's text at different times of the day.

Make Affirmation Themed Art:

This might sound a little strange, but try making art themed around your affirmations. Use clay, collage, paint, or colored pens or pencils, and allow your inner child to play with colors and shapes to interpret how your affirmations make you feel.

Turn Your Affirmations into Music:

Sing your affirmations using a familiar or favorite tune and. If you're musical, maybe you can compose a song using your affirmations. Dance when you speak your affirmations; make it fun!

Create an Affirmations Vision Board:

Vision boards are powerful tools for creating and setting your goals. Affirmations can sometimes feel a little abstract. Using a vision board can help you develop concrete images of what you want in your life. Find photos that inspire you, make you feel good, and excite you.

Get inspired:

Search for motivational speakers and writers whose approach to life appeals to you. You can find lots of motivational talks on the internet, on platforms like YouTube and TED Talks. Look for motivation from people you admire or those who live a positive life and have made their dreams come true while overcoming adversity.

It is crucial to find someone whose values and approach to life feel right for you. Don't watch an influencer just because they're famous. Check with your affirmations to see if their themes ring true to you.



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