11 Tips to Building Your Self-Esteem

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Self-esteem is your positive or negative evaluation of yourself. When you have high self-esteem, you are pleased with yourself. When you are struggling with how you feel about yourself, you are experiencing low self-esteem. Loathing or hating yourself is obviously a challenging way to live. Discovering how to love and be happy about yourself will benefit all aspects of your life.

Here are 11 tips to help you love yourself and raise your self-esteem.

Volunteer. Give some of your time to a worthy cause. This will show you that you are a good person and help you feel better about yourself.

Each day do something that you are good at. When we do things we are good at, it makes us feel capable and confident. Compile a list of the things you truly know that you do well. Then, choose at least one of them to do each day and see how you feel.

Remember your accomplishments. A few minutes each day, take time to review your accomplishments, past and present. Remember, you have accomplished a lot of amazing things.

Stop comparing yourself to other people. There is always someone better than you at doing something. Remember, there are things you can do better than them, too.

Increase your knowledge or expertise. Continuous improvement is a sure path to higher self-esteem. Never stop improving yourself and your capabilities, and you'll be more impressed with yourself. Ask yourself, What do I want to become better at doing? What would I like to know more about?

Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Don't dwell on the mistakes you made in the past. Just allow them to fade away. You can do this by forgiving yourself and focusing on what is happening in the present.

None of us know anyone that has never experienced failure or made a mistake. This includes your closest friends and family members. Give yourself the same forgiveness you give them. If you do not hold their mistakes against them, so how can you hold them against yourself?

Stick to your values. When you fail to live up to your values, you won't feel very good about yourself. Understand your values and live them each day.

Face your fear. When we have too many fears, it lessens our level of self-esteem. Overcome fear, and you'll be amazed by yourself. Start with something small and work your way up to a more significant fear.

Avoid being a people pleaser. By doing things to please others, we demonstrate to ourselves that our preferences, values, and happiness are not relevant. Be considerate of others, but strive to make yourself happy.

Learn to say "no." Our inability to say "no" to others shows that we put their needs over ours. Show yourself that what you want matters by refusing the requests of others when appropriate. This will also increase the respect you receive from others.

Determine how you define what a good person should be. You cannot be happy with yourself if you don't have a clear definition of a good person. Each day, choose to be the type of person you described.

Work on your self-esteem each day. It doesn't sit at a constant level for most people. Good days, weeks, and months tend to raise it. Experiencing bad periods tends to reduce it.

A great start is to decide on your values and then use them as a guide to making decisions throughout the day. This is the foundation of high and lasting self-esteem.



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