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Sandra Reiling

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Sandra is a Coach who works with women to reclaim their purpose and live a fulfilled life as their authentic self.

Sandra truly believes that there are two ways we can go through Life: Strive to be aware of our purpose and pursue it, or we can leave that call unanswered. When we choose to be more mindful, we live the same peaks and valleys of life as everyone else, but we experience them differently. The peaks and valleys in an aware person's Life inform them, strengthen them, and ultimately lead them to greater well-being.

If we Live unaware and without purpose, it seems Life just happens to us.

When you find your Life Purpose, you feel good about your place in the world and your actions in it have meaning to you.

Sandra has supported many women on their search for finding purpose in their life. Specifically, she has worked with The Women’s Christian Life Center helping domestic abuse victims reclaim their purpose and create a greater sense of who they are.  In addition, she is a Certified Life Coach and Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator.

Sandra holds a Master's degree in Life Coaching from Liberty University and is certified through Transformation Academy. Outside of her passion for coaching, Sandra is an avid collector of Japanese Satsuma Teapots and flea market aficionado. She loves finding treasures that have been cast off by others and making them new again.